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Whether it’s for basic manners, Service dogs, or more complex behavioral issues; my work is focused on not only training your pet, but teaching owners how to effectively communicate with them. I do not use fear, submission or intimidation. Browse my site to learn more. Happy paws create happy owners.  

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My Story

Hi, my name is Shelly, I grew up on a ranch with a family all about horses and rodeo. I was riding a horse before I could walk. It was then that my love and passion for animals was formed. As a child I spent sleepless nights under the light of the moon on horseback or lying next to my dog just to feel the peace they brought me. We each have a calling and I found mine in an animal’s heart. I grew up competing, and winning titles in rodeo with a mare that taught me unconditional love. The first dog I trained as a service dog made me see the direction I wanted to go in life. To give someone a pet to become their lifeline to live their life, changed me. It showed me what I want to do with my time and gift to connect with animals. 


I love animals. I love watching their eyes when I gain their trust. I love helping them develop confidence and balance. I started my business RMHP in 2020 with over 15 years’ experience, I have trained over 600 dogs. Working with dogs and their owners makes me happy, it gives me worth to use my life passion to help others see and understand their pet as I do. I have two wonderful sons, and family that helps me grow RMHP daily. I am blessed to be able to do what I love. I teach from my heart, and I relate to each dog differently. Dogs have given me patience and a way to share my skills in a way that allows me to give back to others. 


The growth of where I am today is reflected in the community also. I love sharing my skills with kids as a 4H leader. And I also give back to the community helping people with their addiction and abuse as a Peer Support Counselor at Providence Recovery Services. 


God blessed me with the connection I have with animals. Sharing that connection with others is how I reflect that gift in my daily life.  This is why when you work with me it is personal, it’s who I am. 


I'm excited to work with you and your dog. Let's connect.


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